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Tour party at Pompeii

“I’d never seen anything like the preservation of those lavishly opulent houses with their elegant architecture, beautifully detailed frescoes, and ornate gardens...”

Safia Bhutta

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“I’d never seen anything like the preservation of those lavishly opulent houses with their elegant architecture, beautifully detailed frescoes, and ornate gardens. And rather like today’s mansions, they were built with magnificent sea views – so the owners could look over the beautiful Bay of Naples. I’ve never felt quite so in touch with the past as being there, imagining the confusion/horror/disbelief of the entire household (masters, servants and slaves) in AD79 as Vesuvius erupted, the sky darkened with ash and the events which engulfed Pompeii and Herculaneum drew closer.”

Safia Bhutta

Tour party in café

“The sheer scale of walking through an entire Roman town was just overwhelming.”

Joe Shingles

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“I loved the way that our guide helped us to identify the character of different parts of town - the bakers district characterised by millstones in each of the buildings; restaurants easily identifiable from their shopfronts and clustered together in groups; and then the large rich houses kept away from the poorer neighbourhoods. It made me realise how much in common our towns today have with their Roman counterparts.”

Joe Shingles

Tour party in café

“I think it is the complete experience of Pompeii and Herculaneum as towns which is most fascinating – individual houses and public buildings open and close, so that each visit is a unique experience...”

Denise Allen

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“I think it is the complete experience of Pompeii and Herculaneum as towns which is most fascinating – individual houses and public buildings open and close, so that each visit is a unique experience. There are no other Roman towns in the world where the cessation of all life occurred so instantaneously, leaving such an archive for posterity. However imperfect the recovery techniques over long years of excavation, however difficult the preservation and display of the ruins, we still know more about these inhabitants than those of any other town of the period – or indeed from more recent times.

Denise Allen

Travel Group at Pompeii

Tour Highlights

8 day tour
From £1,895

Departures throughout 2017 and 2018.

Pompeii and Herculaneum, uncannily preserved for thousands of years, are utterly unique — and the way we approach our exploration of them is unique too. Our expert Guide Lecturers, many of whom have excavated at the site, lend unparalleled insight to artefacts from the world-renowned to the little-known. Our special access to the cavernous Piscina Mirabilis, usually closed to the public, is one-of-a-kind.

And then there’s the walk to Vesuvius’ crater, rewarded by breathtaking views; the amphitheatres and opulent villas; the serene temples and superb museums, the passageways where gladiators awaited their grisly fate… wherever you look in the Roman Bay of Naples, there are discoveries, and memories, to be made.

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The whole story of Roman Life and Death

Before AD79

Pompeii & Herculaneum were flourishing seaside towns - trading with the rest of the Empire, and cultivating the crops and vines around Vesuvius.

Over 50 occupations have been found listed at Pompeii, recorded in graffiti, wax tablets and inscriptions. From wine sellers and wool workers to gold- smiths, grape-pickers and prostitutes.


The Eruption, 1pm - Day 1

The disaster began when a huge cloud of ash, pumice and gases was thrust 20km into the air - plunging the region into darkness.

“On Mount Vesuvius broad sheets of fire and leaping flames blazed at several points... They debated whether to stay indoors or take their chance in the open, the buildings were now shaking with violent shocks” Pliny the Younger, eyewitness to the disaster.
Inside a Roman villa

The Eruption, Afternoon - Day 1

The prevailing wind carried the cloud over Pompeii, raining pumice and ash over the town. Slowly, houses were buried to the top of their first storey over a period of about 12 hours.

The People of Pompeii - The Forbidden City

The abundance of pornographic imagery, artefacts and graffiti so shocked 17th century excavators that, for centuries, they were kept hidden from view. In Roman times, the phallus was viewed as a symbol of good luck and fertility; prostitution was common and allusions to sex explicit, frequent and very much in public view.


Inside a Roman villa

The Eruption, 1am - Day 2

The column of volcanic material began to collapse, causing pyroclastic surges: deadly avalanches of ash and gas, which swept down the volcano and over nearby Herculaneum - instantly killing those in its path. This surge didn’t reach Pompeii, but Herculaneum was buried under a 25m deep layer of mud and debris.

Inside a Roman villa

The People of Pompeii: Roman Graffiti

1000s of examples of graffiti have been found at Pompeii: sexual inuendo, insults, poetry, political propaganda: “Marcellus loves Praestia and is not loved in return.” “Cornelius: go hang yourself.”

Figures excavated at Pompeii

The Eruption, Dawn - Day 2

The stones stopped falling at Pompeii, people emerged from their hiding places and tried to escape the town. At dawn more surges occured, this time reaching Pompeii - killing those left in the town, and destroying everything in their path.

Travel Group at Pompeii

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